The ancient village perched on the hills of the west bank of the lake, about five minutes by car from there. Artò is one of four hamlet of Madonna del Sasso, a scattered municipality of just a bit less of 400 inhabitants on the border between the provinces of Verbania, Novara and Vercelli. Here the green woods and the silver gray mountains are reflected in the calm waters of the Cusio, creating a dream setting that will be the scenery of your stay. if you make up your mind to come to the" L'Albatros", you will surround yourself with warmth and tranquility: Edy and Alberto's family atmosphere will make you feel like you're at a friend's . Between some conversation, coffee and a cuddle to their furry pets, they will give you tips on the routes, the events and the best restaurants to make your stay unforgettable on that branch of Lake Orta,that it is considered one of the most romantic places of Italy.


The owner propose two double guest rooms with a private , bright and carefully decorated bathroom. They are very spacious and cosy, immersed in silence. Every element of the structure conveys peace and a relaxing atmosphere, that's how Edy and Alberto wished it to be. Their touch is everywhere: on the walls painted by Edy, the furniture built by Alberto, in their precious antiquities they found together in Vercelli. Edy's creativity and eclecticism blends perfectly with Alberto's pragmatism and expertise , giving birth to a corner of love and simplicity conquering whoever steps in even only for one night.

Breakfast is served in the common room, overlooking the lovely courtyard of the building. After a proper breakfast, you are ready to discover the beautiful landscape at Orta and go out for a walking.